Latest NTA Pattern JEE MAIN Grand Mock Tests

eTutor’s Premier League is a wonderful opportunity for you to take JEE Main full-length Mock Tests based on latest NTA pattern.

Real exam feel driven 10 Grand Mock Tests is what you can attempt by joining CPL.

Each test consists of 75 Questions (60 Multiple Choice & 15 Numeric Type), which has to be completed within 3 hours of duration.

Four marks will be awarded for every correct answer and one mark will be deducted for every incorrect attempt in MCQ. No negative marking for numeric questions.


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Individual Subject Grand Tests of JEE MAIN 2021

Intended to give a free trial before heading towards the full length mock test, these subject grand tests are crafted by experts. Exclusive for you!!!

Each subject grand test covers the entire syllabus of a particular subject, comprising an overall 25 questions (20 Multiple Choice & 5 Numeric Type). For which you got to answer in 1 hour.

It costs 1 negative mark for every wrong attempt in MCQ, but no negative marking is for numeric type.


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Cumulative Tests of JEE MAIN 2021 Practice Cycle

Perfectly planned to give a recall of all the chapters you’ve learnt in the particular Practice Cycle, the cumulative test is conducted.

Each test will comprise of 75 questions (60 Multiple Choice & 15 Numeric Type), which are to be answered in three hours.

For every correct answer, you will get four marks and one mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer in Multiple Choice Section. No negative marking for Numeric Type Questions.


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Subject Wise Part Tests of JEE Main Practice Cycle

Every practice test cycle of JEE Main gives you an opportunity to attempt 3 subject wise part tests.

Each part test will cover an overall 25 Questions (20 Multi Choice & 5 Numeric Type), picked from the prescribed syllabus.

Educational experts here handcrafted these part tests in every Practice Cycle to systematically lead you in covering the syllabus.


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National Level Rank Prediction for JEE Main 2021

It’s important to know where you stand in the competition when heading for National Level exam like JEE.

Based on your performance in the Tests you’ve taken, the tentative rank will be given to you here.

That’s how you’ll get to know your preparedness level, against you peers so that you can improve accordingly.


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Performance Report Card for JEE Aspirants

Get an insightful report on your performance after every grand test competition.

At the end of each cycle a detailed performance report will be given to you. The detailed report in CPL journey lists your topic wise performance analysis with rank prediction.

By which, you can use the report and improvise your exam preparation to deliver impressive performance.


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What our students says

I'm fully satisfied with the product, The unlimited practice, Series of mock tests detailed solutions for each questions. Mainly it supports me like a real time tutor for the self assessment. Thanks eTutor.

Biraaj Sahib Singh, JEE Mains 2020 Percentile - 90.217 Hallticket No: 200310047284

I think this was the best programme ,because of this my skills and knowledge was upgraded.I get to know my failures,as we know that failure is the key to sucess

Deepanshu Garg, JEE Mains 2020 Percentile - 99.596 Hallticket No: 200310374857

The online mock tests were very helpful as it helped me to understand how the real JEE will be.It also helped me to practice tests within the time frame.The tests also provided a quick revision of all the chapters.

Dolly, JEE Mains 2020 Percentile - 93.35 Hallticket No: 200310092079

From the day one onwords, Compete helps me a lot for my daily practice, Definetly along with my teachers guidance and eTutor Compete support I was able to crack the JEE 2020. Thanks to my parents for getting me the best software for my preparation.

Shikha, JEE Mains 2020 Percentile - 97.733 Hallticket No: 200310181682

Unlimited practice & the series of mock tests helps me a lot in time management. Post test analysis was really helps for self assessment, Thanks eTutor Compete for supporting me to crack JEE 2020

Vikki Perumal, JEE Mains 2020 Percentile - 90.07

It is very useful, Particulary the series of mock tests like part tests & full tests are helped me a lot. The Chapter wise practice also gives me the detailed assessment on my preparation levels

Ajay Kumar, JEE Mains 2020 Percentile - 92

The Program of All India Mock test series of Compete eTutor was really helpful. It helped me to get idea about type and level of difficulty of questions. It also helped me manage my time properly in the final exam. The short notes provided also helped me to get a quick review of the chapter.

Swarali, JEE Mains 2020 Percentile - 97.8 Hallticket No: 200310448177

Sudhash R, JEE Mains 2020

Karthik Gowda KA, JEE Mains 2020

Kruthika R Gowda, JEE Mains 2020

Darshan R, JEE Mains 2020

Sunil M, JEE Mains 2020

Keerthan V, JEE Mains 2020

Chithritha C JEE Mains 2020

Purushotham HT, JEE Mains 2020

Darshan R, JEE Mains 2020

Dream come true for IIT aspirants. Compete lets us reach our goal step by step through the Practice and Mock tests it provides.

C.Bhargavi, Admitted into IIT Gowhati

I haven’t gone to any coaching institutes prior to getting to know about Compete. Yet, here I am successfully clearing JEE, all owing to Compete.

T.Srikanya, Admitted into IIT Kanpur

Practice is the key to success. Compete lets us do exactly that. By the end of it, we will be thorough with the topics in all subjects.

V.Sai Deepthi, Admitted into IIT Mumbai

Compete is really an innovative and new experience for the students as it gives a platform to climb the ladder of success.

M.Prasanth Raju Admitted into IIT Mumbai

Compete provides National Level Competition where a pool of talented students from all over the country study together to achieve their goal

K.Y.Ratnam Admitted into IIT Kharagpur

Compete provided the best environment for my JEE preparation. It’s analysis and Insights let me know my weak areas in particular subject or chapter

CH.Hemalatha Admitted into IIT Roorke

My goal for JEE at the beginning was far off and didn’t believe I could ever reach it. However, Compete gave me the chance for it

P.Pavani Admitted into NIT Durgapur

Compete provides many ways to improve our thoroughness on JEE syllabus. I owe my entire success to Compete.

B.Daivaleela, Admitted into NIT Durgapur

Practising different levels of tests helped me realize my weak areas and the Insights from CPL helped me focus on them which increased my thoroughness of subject

U.Yasoda, Admitted into NIT Warangal

JEE Mock tests is what I love in Compete Premiere League. The National Level participation makes it truly the best resource for getting top rank in JEE

V.Vennela Admitted into NIT Bhopal