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Compete systematically trains you on success habits

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Improve Speed

Each question you answer is benchmarked with an Estimated Solving Time (EST) by our unique Machine Learning algorithm. You will immediately know if you are fast enough in a particular topic. You can work on beating the EST and improve your speed

Because it is just not enough to know the answer - you have to be quicker than others

Practice Accuracy

If you focus only on speed, it could cost you in accuracy. Each wrong answer would impose penalty of negative marks. Working on Compete helps in avoiding common mistakes and practicing educated guesswork. Work on improving your accuracy

Because negative marks could cost you a seat in dream college

Sharpen Memory

Answering questions will force you to recall and apply what you have learned. Compete has lakhs of questions ranging from easy to hard and it makes sure that you will never repeat a question. Working out regularly on Compete will make your memory sharp

Because it is just not enough to know - you have to remember during the exam

Enhance Technique

Brute force methods will not work always and sometimes make you waste a lot of time. Compete helps you with so many tips, tricks, short-cut methods and solutions while you are working. Answer as many questions as possible in Compete

Because if the exam is tough, better technique will give you extra time

Get Competition Insights

Knowing about the competition would add an extra dimension to your capabilities. Compete shows how you are placed against the competition - both in your state and all India wide. Workout regularly to keep up-to-date with the competition

Because your rank is ultimately determined by how you perform in competition

Manage Time Effectively

Key to success lies in knowing when to do what. Building on your strengths and working on your weaknesses will make your preparation more effective. Compete gives you detailed, real-time feedback on your performance. Plan your preparation with the help of Compete's analysis

Because failing to plan is planning for failure

That is not all, Compete is so convenient, exciting and rewarding to work on...

There are no set time limits for practicing on Compete. Whether you like to work for a minute or for a thousand minutes Compete will support - anytime, anywhere.

Keep scoring and you can win black belt in Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Biology and top it all with a black cap

Challenge friends and participate in friendly competitions

Win reward points and redeem them for exciting gifts.