Speed Improvement

Compete lets you know how fast you’re answering the question. ML Algorithm driven benchmarked questions in Compete comes with EST (Estimated Solution Time).

In competitive exams, you got to be fast in answering more questions in less time. Compete helps you improve your speed!


Being accurate is the essential quality one should have while heading up for JEE or NEET. Practicing on Compete lets you avoid your common mistakes, ultimately increases you accuracy percentage.

You’ll in stay in control of the negative marking in exams!

Quick Recall

Compete helps you sharpen your memory in the process of answering questions. You’ll be able to recall quickly that you’ve learnt in the actual exam at the right time.

Start your Compete journey to develop Quick Recall & improve Memory!


Once you start practicing on Compete, you’ll eventually develop quick solving and answering technique. For every question, solutions are listed in detailed manner.

Develop techniques that actually work in competitive exams!


Staying sharp, alert and focused becomes vital in attempting national level competitive exams. One slip away may cost you hamper the overall score & rank in exam.

Compete now to stay focused and reach your Goal!

Time Management

Identify your weak areas & work around them to improve your time efficiency. ‘BE TIME EFFICIENT’

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