Convenient and Easy-To-Use

Cloud-based Compete makes it simple, convenient and easy-to-use from anytime at anywhere. Just keep answering the questions. You’ll develop all the essential parameters that’ll lead you to success in competitive exams.

Benchmarked Question Bank

Compete Question Bank is conceived and designed by the educational experts. It is well sorted with CBSE syllabus coverage for the course you’ve selected. Redefine the way you answer questions – Happy Competing!

Unique ML Algorithm Program

Compete comes with inbuilt ML Algorithm, which strategically benchmarks every question with EST (Estimated Solution Time). It lets you work on your speed in answering questions and ace top speed.

Anytime Anywhere ACCESS

Cloud-based Compete is easy to access from anytime at anywhere. Just keep answering the questions.

No TIME limitations

You’ve the flexibility to take a quick session as well as longer sessions. Be it for a minute or for an hour, give it a shot and know where you stand. There are no time restrictions. Start competing – It’s all yours!

‘On the Go’ Solution

Practice for your exam while you travel in bus, having your coffee or while waiting for your friend. You’ve all the liberty to access Compete and take the practice session in few clicks. All you need an Internet Connection & smart device.