Welcome To eTutor Compete

COMPETE is a personalized Rank Improvement and AI based Feedback System, developed by Hallmark Learning Labs. With a prime focus to develop success habits in JEE and NEET aspirants, highly qualified and specialized educational experts have hand crafted this scientifically proven habit-development platform.

Let's get into the details! In the learning landscape, trends from past are consistently defining that success not just depends on the knowledge depth but actually on the ability to excel in a competitive environment. JEE / NEET are national level competitive exams, lakhs of youngsters attend every year. Nevertheless, the competition is ever increasing and intense. To get an optimal rank, just being an expert in the subject doesn’t suffice. One has to be really fit for the exam, especially while answering the questions to stay ahead of the competition.

Being FAST, ACCURATE, ALERT, most importantly COMPETITIVE becomes integral qualities to hit the top score on national board. However, these skills cannot be developed overnight. It needs a systematic & strategic approach with discipline & commitment to improve them. It's just like hitting the gym regularly and working out on every muscle. Compete's inception happened from the identical concept to drive a healthy competition spirit & enthusiasm in JEE / NEET aspirants. It lets the user to exercise on every chapter, develop all essential skills and build success habits for brain fitness.

Hallmark Learning Labs developed eTutor Compete has unique advantages to offer, which are listed below.

  • Convenient and Easy-To-Use
  • Improves Speed in Problem-Solving
  • Practice Accuracy & Avoid Negative Marking
  • Sharpens Memory for Quick Recall
  • Enhance Technique for Shortcuts
  • Gives Competition Insights
  • Helps in managing Time Effectively
  • Realtime Analysis and Feedback
  • State and National level Ranking

eTutor Compete is becoming popular every day and stands tall in delivering valuable results to JEE and NEET aspirants.

About The Hallmark Group

Hallmark Learning Laboratories is an initiative of the $75 Million multi- national conglomerate - The Hallmark Group. It has footprints in Asia and North America with presence in diverse verticals such as Healthcare, Finance, IT Staffing, Automobile and Education. So far, Hallmark Learning Labs has introduced modern, yet simplified teaching and learning solutions that have been used in various regions. Our specialized tools and technology accelerators make it easier for job seekers, higher education students, educators, institutions, agencies, and other learning departments to develop and deliver top-class teaching and learning experiences creating measurable impact. Combined with rich expertise and experience in the learning space, our learning tools inspire you to push the edge of technology and learning design encouraging you to think, question and explore new ideas. The main mission is to provide a better learning experience with digital learning tools to empower educators and learners to reach their full potential on the go.