Types of Polymerisation Reactions

Types of polymerisation reaction :

Addition polymerisation
Free radical addition

Free radical addition :
Chain transfer agents
eg : CCl4, CBr4
Inhibitors :
eg : Amine, phenol, Quinone
Ex : LDPE, HDPE, 1,3 butadiene, polytetra fluoro ethene, poly acrylonitrile.

Ionic addition :
Cationic polymerisation : Initiated by cations reaction intermediate is cation, facilitated by monomer having electron donating group.
eg : Isobutylene
Anionic polymerisation :
Chain initiator — Anion (eg : N - BuLi, KNH2)
intermediate — Anion - facilitated in monomer having Electron Withdrawing Group
Chain termination — Can be done by addition of acid. A most striking feature is that there is no chain termination.
eg : Styrene

Condensation Polymerisation :
This type of polymerisation involves in repetitive condensation reaction between two bi functional monomers.
These poly condensation reactions may result in loss of some simple molecules as water, alcohol etc.
eg : Terylene or Dacron, Nylon 6,6, Nylon 6.
Phenol formaldehyde polymer (Bakelite and related polymers), melamine formaldehyde polymer.
Co - Polymerisation :
Co - polymerisation is a polymerisation in which a mixture of more than one monomeric species is allowed to polymerise and forms copolymer.
eg : Butadiene — styrene is copolymer.

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