Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Plant breeding, Disease control,Hybridisation

  • Plant breeding is the purposeful manipulation of different plant species inorder to create desired plant types that are better suired for cultivation, better yield and disease resistance.
  • Main steps in plant breeding:
    (i) Collection of Variability (germplasm collection)
    (ii) Evaluation and selection of parents
    (iii) Common methods of crop improvement
    (iv) Selection & testing of superior recombinants.
    (v)Testing, release. and commercialization of new varieties
  • Plant Breeding for disease resistance.
    crop losses are upto 20-30% due to fungal, bacterial viral and nematode pathogens attack. on the cultivated crops.
  • Breeding is carried out by the conventional breeding techniques or by mutation breeding. The conventional method of breeding for disease resistance is that of hybridisation and selection.
  • Mutational breeding is possible to induce mutations artificially through use of chemicals / radiations (γ rays) and selecting, using the plants that have desirable characters as a source in breeding.
  • Sharbati sonora and Pusa Lerma are two important varieties of wheat produced by gamma rays treatment of sonora - 64 Lerma - 64 (mexican dwarf wheat varieties). In mung bean, resistance to YMY and powdery mildew were induced by mutation.
  • Hybridization and selection are used for breeding some crop varieties.



Resistance to diseases



Leat and stripe rust, hill bunt


Pusa swarnim

White rust


Pusa shubhra, Pusa snowball K1

Black rot and curl blight black rot


Pusa komal

Bacterial blight


Pusa sadabahar

Chilly Mosaic vines, Tobacco Mosaic virus, and leaf curt.


Prabhani Kranti

Yellow mosaic virus

  •  Breeding for resistance to insect pests



Resistance to disease

Brassica (Rapeseed mustard)

Pusa Gaurav


Flat been

Pusa sem 2  Pusa sem 3

Jassids, aphids & fruit borer

Okra (Bhindi)

Pusa Sawani Pusa A - 4

Shoot and fruit border.



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