Molecular Basis of Inheritance

DNA fingerprinting

  1. DNA finger printing / DNA typing is determining the DNA sequence of an organism.
  2. DNA sequence is initially isolated from an individual and the VNTRS of the individual is isolated and a probe solution is prepared.
  3. A probe is a small DNA molecule attached with radio active isotope.
  4. Suspect’s VNTR is isolated through the same procedures and are blotted by Nylon membrane in Agarose Gel.
  5. Then the nylon membrane containing suspect’s VNRT is inserted into the probe solution.
  6. Later, Auto radiography is performed to find out the DNA finger prints. DNA fingerprints will be formed only in the nylon membrane containing VNTRS that is same to that of probe solution.
  7. As they are complimentary to each other, 2 VNTR’S hybridizes with each other to make a double strand.

Watch this video for the topic from 16:26 to 34:11

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