Microbes in Human Welfare

Industrial production

  • Lab scale production is the first stage of production before entering industrial production where the best strain/sub species with all working parameters are finalised.
  • Pilot plant scale is carried out next to determine the cost/quality of the product where Aeration, pH, Temperature are well adjusted.
  • Further manufacturing units play their role for the industry by using a bioreactor where 3 different types of microorganisms could be added or grown in it.
    (a) Surface growth (b) Suspended growth (c) Immobilization (The most efficient process for reuse)
  • Alcohol production is carried out at industrial scale.
  • Beer is produced from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae using barley malt as the substrate.
  • S. ellipsoidens is employed for the wine production as the substrate is grapes.
  • Initially, starch is hydrolysed in a separate tank for 30 minutes and the hot water extract is used as the nutrient medium end called wort.
  • After inoculating yeast in following methods, alcohol products are produced. Approximately far more than 2,50,000 Litres.
  • Other alcoholic beverages such as rectified spirit (95% alcohol) and Absolute alcohol (100%) are obtained through distillation of fermentation broth.
  • Pyruvic acid, glycerol, lactic acid, butanol, CO2 , succinic acid are the by-products of alcohol fermentation.

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