Biotechnology : Principles and Processes

Principles of Biotechnology

  1. Biotechnology is the technique of using plant (or) animal cells, microbes or their components to produce products useful to human beings.
  2. Two types of biotechnology are Traditional (old) and modern.
  3. Traditional types explain only the natural capabilities of the organism.
  4. Modern biotechnology involves r. DNA Technology by introducing transgene into the organism.
  5. Genetic Engineering and chemical engineerings are the 2 important techniques which focusses on upstream and downstream processing respectively.
  6. Plasmids and Restriction Endonucleases are the 2 main discoveries in Genetic Engineering.
  7. Paul Berg → Father of Genetic Engineering.
    Cohen and Boyer → Discovered r-DNA Technology.
    Arber – Nathan – Smith → Restriction Endonucleases (Molecular Sissors)

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