Isotopes, Preparation, Properties and Uses of hydrogen

Preparation (H2O2) : is first prepared by Jhenard

Barium sulphate taken in dry (or) powder form will form BaSO4 at the top and stops the reaction (or) formation of H2O2. So BaO2 is taken as paste

Merck Process :
BaO_{2} + CO_{2} + H_{2}O \rightarrow H_{2}O_{2} + BaCO_{3}\downarrow

Industrial Process :

It is electrolytic oxidation of 50% ice cold H2SO4
Cathode : Lead
Anode : Pt
electrolyte : 50% H2SO4

Auto oxidation (or) Arial oxidation :
It is a cyclic process

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1. Degree of hardness (in ppm) = \tt \frac{wt. \ of \ CaCO_{3}\left(g\right)}{wt. \ of \ hard \ water \ \left(g\right)}\times 10^{6}