Introduction and Position of Hydrogen in Periodic Table

Introduction :

  • Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table and lightest of all elements.
  • The electronic configuration of hydrogen can be written as 1s1.
  • Hydrogen has three isotopes, Protium(1H1), Deuterium(1H2) and Tritium(1H3).
  • Protium and Deuterium are non-radioactive whereas Tritium is radioactive.

Position of Hydrogen in Periodic Table :

Hydrogen is placed in no specific group due to its property of gaining electron and also losing electron.

(1) Hydrogen is placed in group-I

  • It has one electron in its outer shell like other alkali metals
  • It forms monovalent H+ ion like Li+, Na+....
  • It is a good reducing agent like Na, Li

(2) Hydrogen also resembles halogens

  • It is diatomic(H2) like F2, Cl2
  • It also forms anion H like F, Cl
  • H is one electron short of duplet like F, Cl which are also one electron deficient than octet
  • IE of H is of the same order as that of halogens

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