Transport in Plants

Means of transport

Transportation of substances over a longer distance is mediated through Xylem and phloem by a process called Translocation.

Water is transported unidirectionally, whereas conduction by phloem is bidirectional.

Water transports via diffusion process, which is considered to be a passive type where no energy is required as it transports along the concentration gradient.

Facilitated diffusion is also a passive process that is mediated by carrier and channel proteins. Permease helps in facilitated diffusion.

Facilitated diffusion can be of unitransport (or) co-transport, which involves the movement of one (or) more than one substances respectively.

Cotransport is of two types (i) Symport 2 molecules moving to the same region (ii) Antiport (2 molecules moving in opposite direction.

Active transport is the movement of particles against the concentration gradient that employs ATP as energy.

Active and passive transport are otherwise termed as Uphill and Downhill transport.

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