Structural Organisation in Animals

Animal tissues

  • Epithelial Tissues: [Please refer the hand out sent in whats app]
  • Connective Tissues: They are widely distributed is complex animals and are found abundant connective tissues are named so, as their special functioning of linking and supporting other tissues.
  • Proper connective tissue possess a matrix, number of fibers and living cells where matrix is made up of inter cellular material of glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans [GAG's]
  • Areolar is subcutaneous found between and around muscles, blood vessels, nerves.
  • Cells present in Areolar tissue: fibroblast, mast cells, macrophages, chromophores.
  • Dense regular tissue has considerable strength and remarkable elasticity. Where is white fibrous, dominant protein is collagen with the cells called fibroblast.
  • Modification of white fibrous tissue is Tendon that connects skeletal muscle to bone.
  • Skeletal tissue is made up of endoskeleton that helps in support, locomotion due to bones and cartilage [a vascular] Eg: Joints, ribcage, nose, ear, throat
  • Bones is rich in calcium salts and collagen fibres which makes it hard and non-pliable.
    ⇒ Osteoblast [bone forming cells]
    ⇒ Osteocytes [bone maintaining cells]
    ⇒ Osteoclast [bone cleaning cells]
  • The organs that secrete lymph[fluid] is called lymphoid organs. Eg: Tonsils, lymph nodes, thymus, spleen and Peyers patches.
  • Cardiac muscles [discussed in "cocomotion and movements"]
  • Neural tissue:

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