Respiration in Plants

TCA cycle

  • Hans adolt krebs, first observed citric acid / Tri carboxylic acid cycle in breast muscle of pigeon.
  • The cycle consists of 10 enzymatic steps, four of which are dehydrogenations.
  • Kreb’s cycle is operated in the mitochondrial matrix as it contains the complex mixture of soluble enzymes that catalyse the respiration of pyruvic acid and other small molecules.
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  • Overall Kreb’s cycle yields the energy molecules such as 2ATP, 8 NADH and 2FADH [Thereofe it yields 30 ATP]
  • Kreb’s cycle is followed by Terminal oxidation that occurs in 2 steps
    (i) Electron Transport chain.
    (ii) Oxidative phosphorylation.

Watch this video for the topic TCA cycle from 40:23 to 54:51

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