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Binomial nomenclature

  • Nomenclature is the science of providing proper names to organisms as per the accepted practices and rules.
  • Binomial nomenclature (introduced by Linnaeus) gives two names for a species.
  • The first name is a generic name (or) genus, written with a capital letter and second is the specific name (or) specific epithet representing the species and finally indicating the name of the discoverers.
  • (is full (or) abbreviated form) Eg. Mangifera indica Linn.
  • The name should be in italics (Printed form) (or) underlined (handwritten)
  • The scientific names are derived from Latin as it is a dead language.
  • Five codes of nomenclature are as follows
    (i) ICZN-International code of zoological nomenclature0
    (ii) ICVN- International code of viral nomenclature
    (iii) ICBN-International code of Botanical nomenclature
    (iv) ICBACN -International code of Bacteriological nomenclature
    (v) ICNCP – International code of Nomenclature for cultivated plants

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