Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Some Commercially Important Alcohols

Preparation of Glycol:

Oxidation of glycol by HIO4(H5IO6) (or) (CH3COO)4 Pb is

Importance of Salicylic acid:
(a) It is used for the preparation of aspirin (2-Acetoxy benzoic acid) an analgesic, antipyretic and blood thinner.
(b) Phenyl salicylate, an internal antiseptic under the name salol.
(c) Methyl salicylate, the main component of oil of winter green commonly used in perfumes and as muscle relaxant massage ointment in moov, iodex etc.
(d) 5-Amino salicylic acid (Mesacol) used for the treatment of ulcers in intestine.
(e) Chlorine salicylate is used for local application of mouth ulcers and for teething pain.

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