Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Carcinogenicity

Aromatic compounds :
They should obey the following Huckel's rule. i.e., (4n + 2)π electron. Here n = 0, 1, 2, 3 -------. It is also called (4n + 2) rule.
ex : Benzene C6H6 - 6π electrons.
Anti aromatic compounds :
1. Molecule is cyclic, planar it should contain 4π e
In the ring at each atom 'P' - orbital should be present.
ex : Cyclo butadiene

Non - aromatic compounds :
All atoms should not contain P - orbitals in the ring.
Stability order
Aromatic > Non aromatic > Anti aromatic
Stability between aromatic and anti aromatic

Nitration :

For nitration reactivity order
C6H6 = C6D6 = C6T6
N2O5 solid \left(NO_2^+ , NO_3^{-}\right)
Fuming nitric acid (fumes of NO2 with conc HNO3)
NO_2^+ , ClO_4^{-}
AC_{2}O + N_{2}O_{5}

Sulphonation :

Rate of sulphonation :
C6H6 > C6D6 > C6T6

Ortho para directing (or) Activating groups :
OH, NH2, NH3, NHCOCH3, OCH3, CH3, C2H5 ----- etc
Meta directing groups / Deactivating groups :
NO2, CN, CHO, COR, COOH, COOR, SO3H ----- etc.
Note : (Halogens)Cl ⇒ Deactivating group ⇒ inductive effect ⇒ O and P directing group ⇒ resonance.

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