Co-ordination Compounds

Nomenclature and Isomerism

General Formula No. of Geometrical Isomers No. of Optically Active Isomers No. of Inactive Isomers Total stereo
Ma6 1 0 1 1
Ma5b 1 0 1 1
Ma4b2 2 0 0 2
Ma4bc 2 0 0 2
Ma3b3 2(1 facial, 1 meridian) 0 0 2
Ma3b2c 3(1C+2T) 0 3 3
Ma3bcd 4(1C+3T) 2 3 5
Ma2b2c2 5(1C+4T) 2 4 6
Ma2b2cd 6(2C+4T) 4 4 8
Ma2bcde 9(6C+3T) 12 3 15

Prefect complexes:
(i) Stable compounds
(ii) Will not give the test of constituent ions.

Imperfect complex:
(i) Relatively less stable compounds
(ii) Will give the test of the constituent ions.

∴[Ag(NH3)2]+ is a perfect complex towards KBr
  imperfect complex towards excess KBr and KI.

Nomenclature of Co ordination compounds:
IUPAC Nomenclature:
1. The central atom is listed first.
2. The ligands are then listed in alphabetical order. The placement of a ligand in the list does not depend on its charge.
3. Polydentate ligands are also listed alphabetically. The first letter of the abbreviated ligand is used to determine the alphabetical order.
4. No space should be left between and the metal within a coordination sphere.
5. The charge of a charged complex cation or anion without the counter ion, is to be written outside the square brackets as a right subscript.
Ex: [Cr(H2O)6]3+

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