Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Outbreeding devices

  1. Dioecious plant in which the male and female organs appear on separate individuals, that is noted as unisexuality (or) Dicliny
    Eg : Vallisneria, Morus alba, Piper Bechtel.
  2. If the pollen grain of a flower has no fertilizing effect on the stigma of the same flower, it is termed as self-incompatibility (or) self-sterility.
    Eg: Thea sinensis, Passiflora.
  3. Dichogamy is of 2 types
    (i) Protandry, where anther matures earlier than gynoecium
    Eg: Cotton, lady’s finger, Helianthus annus
    (ii) Protogyny – Gynoecium matures earlier than the androecium
    Eg: Mirabilis, Brassica, Ficus etc.
  4. The foreign pollen grain germinating vigorously than the same flower’s pollen grain is termed as prepotency
    Eg: Fabaceae.
  5. The presence of natural and physical barrier between androecium and gynoecium to avoid self-pollination is called Herkogamy
    Eg: Calotropis
  6. In certain plants, flowers possess anthers and stigma at different positions of height called Heterostyly.

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