Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Search for Genetic Material

  1. Frederick Griffith performed Transformation experiment with streptococcus , pneumoniae namely with 2 of strains (Rough and Smooth), where rough is Avirulent and smooth is virulent.
  2. When he injected heat - killed S-strain and live ‘R’ strain into mice, some mice died.
  3. Griffith finally concluded that R-strain had been transformed by heat killed ‘S’ with certain transforming principle. But biochemical nature of genetic material was not defined from his experiments.
  4. Avery, Macleod and Mccarty performed biochemical characterisation and proved that DNA could be the genetic material (or) the transforming principle.
  5. The genetic material is confirmed to be the DNA from the experiments performed by Hershey and chase, who had involved T2 bacteriophage, E coli; radioactive tracers (P32 , S35).
  6. The Hershey and chase experiment is also called blender experiment.

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