Human Reproduction

Parturition; Lactation

  • Parturition is the act of expelling the full term young one from the mother's uterus at the end of gestation. Which is completed is about 280 days from the start of mother's last menstruation.
  • The signals for parturition originate from the fully developed foetus and placenta which induce mild uterine contractions called foetal ejection replace which is also induced by oxytocin that provided force to expel the baby from uterus.
  • oxytocin also stimulates the release of prostaglandins which stimulates uterine contraction.
  • The forceful muscular contractions of uterine wall leading to parturition are called labour.
  • After birth refers to the expelling out of placenta and remains of umbilical cord by another series of uterine contractions.

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