Human Reproduction

Menstrual cycle

  • Menstrual cycle is the cyclic change in the reproductive tract of primate female that continues from about the age of about 13 to 15 years (menarche to 45-50 years)
  • Menopouse is a phase in womans life when ovulation and menstruation stop.
Phases Days Events
Menstrual phase 3-5 Breakdown of Endometrium, Beginning of menstruation, reduction of progesterone
Follicular phase [Proliferative phase] 6-13 Endometrium rebuilds, increase in FSH and LH which stimulates follicular development as well as secretion of oestrogen.
Ovulatory phase 1+ Both LH and FSH attain a peak level. Ovulation occurs.
Luteal phase (Secretory phase) 15-28 Corpus Lutrum secretes progesterone Endometrium thickness and uterine glands become secretory.


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