Environmental Issues

Greenhouse effect and climate change impact and mitigation

  • Prevention of re-radiating heat from earth surface by certain gases such as CO2, CFC, N2O, CH4, H2O vapour, O3 and warming of earth is called green house effect, which was discovered by Joseph Fourier (1827). The warming of earth is called global warming.
  • Green house gases (GHG) are those trace gases which allow short wave solar radiations to pass though but absorb the long wave heat (infrared) radiations and radiate heat energy.
  • The major part of which again comes to earths surface of heat the earth and the process is repeated and called green house flux. As a result, there is as increase in mean global temperature due to the above effect called global warming.
  • The six green house gases are CO2 (60%), CH4 (20%), CFC (14%), N2O (6%), H2O Vapour and Ozone (less than 5%).
  • H2O Vapours are close to earth surface and ozone layer is far away and hence they do not contribute much to green house effect.
  • Importantly, moisture carrying capacity of air will increase. Precipitation will increase at higher latitudes both is summer and winter and in southern as well as eastern Asia in summer, winter precipitation will be reduced at lower latitude. Frequency of droughts and floods will increase.
  • 5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day.
  • The kyoto protocal is an international treaty that extends the convention on climate change that commits state parties to reduce green house gases and its emissions.

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