Environmental Issues


  • Destruction of forest is called deforestation which has serious effect on human life and environment.
  • Overgrazing in forests destroys newly regenerated growth which also make soil more compact and impervious. So that the soil becomes less fertile due to destruction of organic matter.
  • Over grazing also leads to desertification.
  • Shifting cultivation is most common is North eastern India due to heavy water erosion. Shifting cultivation is also termed as Jhum.
  • Many farmers destroy the forest for commercial purposes and by the time soil fertility is exhausted due to repeated cropping, a new forest area is destroyed.
  • Other causes for deforestation are fuel wood, forest fires, Timber production, Industry establishment, land slide and population increase
  • Global warming, floods, soil erosion, Loss of biodiversity and climatic change are some of the effects of deforestation.




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