Ecological services - carbon fixation, pollination, seed dispersal, oxygen release

  • Environmental, aesthetic and indirect economic value of the products of ecosystem processes are named as services. Ecosystem must be healthy to provide best services.
  • Carbon fixation : (balances the atmosphere) producers picks up CO2 from atmosphere and convert it into organic compounds in the process of photosynthesis. This also gives food to others outside the ecosystem. Eg: tribals and migratory animals.
  • Pollination is a significant step in reproduction of plants. It occurs by bees, bufferflies, birds, human, wind, water etc. Animal depends on plants for food. Absence of these plants will naturally deprive the animal of their food which leads to death.
  • Seed dispersal : Many plants depends on animals (birds, squirrels, terrestial animals) for dispersal of their seed. Plant provide animals with food & form of fleshy fruits and other edibles. They mutually support each other.
  • O2 release : Producers of ecosystem release lot of O2 during Photosynthesis. Eg: Amazon rain forests are called as lungs of our planet because they produce nearly 20% O2.

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