Biodiversity and its Conservation

Red Data Book, biosphere reserves

  • To highlight the legal status of rare species for the purpose of conservation, the International Union for conservation of Nature and Natural resources (IUCN) has established main conservation categories.
  • Red list has eight categories of species
  • Extinct → The taxon that has been completely eliminated (or) died out from earth is called extinct. Eg. Dodo
  • Extinct in wild → The taxon that is absent is any of its natural (or) expected habitats in the wild is known as extinct in wild.
  • Critically endangered species very high risk of extinction ; can extinct at any moment [Eg. Podophyllum, Berberis nilghiriensis]
  • Endangered species high risk of extinction in the wild in near future due of decrease in its habitat, excessive predation (or) poaching [Eg. Red Panda, Blue whole, Asiatic wild ass]
  • Lower risk species Threatened species ; require small attention
  • Data deficient species Data for making direct / indirect assesment of risk of Extinction is deficient.
  • Not evaluated That species has not been evaluated yet.
  • Rare species naturally small population / which are always at risk from pests / predators / Exotic species. Eg. clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
  • Indeterminate species danger in Extinction but the reason is unknown
    Eg. 3-banded Armadillo of Brazil
    Short eared rabbit of sumatra
    Mexican prairie dog



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