Transport in Plants

Long distance transport of water

  • For longer transport, land plants have developed a bulk flow / mass flow system, which is the movement of substances in bulk from one point to another as a result of pressure differences between the two points.
  • Apoplast and symplast are the 2 types of pathways of water passage into the xylem of root from the root hairs.
  • Apoplast pathway promotes water transport through the walls of cells without piercing any membrane (or) Cytoplasm, which occurs only upto Endodermis.
  • Symplast pathway (Transmembrane pathway) promoters water transport from a cell to another cell through their protoplasm (or) by Cytoplasmic bridges, called plasmodesmate.
  • A symplastic pathway is slower than apoplastic movements.
  • In order to possess a larger surface area and to extend to enough distance, young roots are in attachment with fungal hyphae, which absorb both minerals and water and provide it to root.

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