Neural Control and Coordination

Peripheral nervous system

  • The nerves associated with brain and spinal cord comprises pns. i.e. cranial and spinal nerves.
  • PNS is further divided into somatic nervous system and Autonomic nervous system.
  • ANS is further divided into sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system, which acts complimentary to each other.
  • Cranical nerves are of 10 pairs and spinal nerves are of 31 pairs, where all the pairs are mixed nerve that are grouped in 5- cervical (8), thoracic (12), Lumbar (5), sacral (5) and coccygeal (1).
  • The longest nerve is vagus nerve (CN X) for sound production, peristaltic intestine movements, speech, swallowing, inhibition of heart beat.
  • The largest nerve in Trigeminal (CN V) for mastication and tongue movements.
  • Trochlear nerve is the smallest nerve (CN IV) for rotation of eye ball.

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