Morphology of Flowering Plants


  • True fruit or eucarp is a ripened ovary which develops under the influence of ripening ovules and is meant for protecting them which consists of pericarp [wall] and seeds [ovules].
  • A fruit formed without fertilization i.e. a seedless fruit is called parthenocarpy (Eg . Banana)
  • Fruits are of 3 main types - simple ; aggregate and composite.
  • In drupe, the fruit wall (or) pericarp is differentiated into three layers - epicarp, mesocarp and endocarp [stony]
  • Coconut has a membranous Epicarp, fibrous mesocarp and a stony endocarp that bears three dark eye spots representing the remains of the styles.
  • The fibrous mesocarp yields coir. The endocarp encloses a single seed with brown testa, white oily endosperm, a small embryo and a watery fluid called milk of coconut.

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