Mineral Nutrition

Deficiency symptoms

  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • • Chlorosis with Necrosis [from the older leaves]
  • • Poor vascular tissues development
  • Calcium (Ca2+): Role in second messengers; detoxification of Na and K
  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • • Chlorosis and Necrosis [from the younger leaves]
  • • Blossom end rot of Tomato
  • Magnesium (Mg2+): Role in cell wall formation
  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • • Interveinal chlorosis (from the older leaves)
  • • Under development of phloem and pith.
  • Potassium (K+): Role in osmotic potential, turgidity and membrane permeability
  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • • Dieback disease
  • • Plastid disintegration
  • • Mottled I.V.C (first in older leaves)
  • Iron (Fe3+): Role in ETS, development of chloroplast & chlorophyll
  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • • IVC (first in young leaves)
  • Manganese (Mn2+): Role in activation of nitrite reductase, carboxylase and dehydrogenase
  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • • Marsh spot disease
  • • Sterile flowers.
  • Chlorine (Cl-): Role in osmotic potential and production of fruits
  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • • Bronze colouration in leaves
  • • Flower abscission and reduced fruiting
  • Zinc (Zn2+): Role in activating carbonic anhydrase, dehydrogenase and Carboxylase
  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • • White bud disease (Maize)
  • • Khaira disease (Paddy)
  • • Rosette formation (Walnuts)
  • Boron (BO3-): Role in sugar translocation; pollen tube formation
  • • Deficiency symptoms ;
  • • Black necrosis; Brown heart (Turnip)
  • • Internal Cork (Apple)
  • • Heart rot (Sugar beet)
  • • Browning of Cauliflower
  • Copper (Cu2+): Role in ETS, formation of Vitamin C and activation of RUBP Carboxylase.
  • • Deficiency symptoms
  • •Diebackk of citrus
  • • Exanthema
  • • Blackening of potato
  • Ion concentration that reduces the dry weight of tissue by 10% is considered as Toxicity.
  • Manganese induces a deficiency of Fe, Mg and Ca2+ and Causes Crickle leaf disease

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