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Taxonomical hierarchy

  • Carolous Linnaeus introduced taxonomical hierarchy which is the arrangement of various taxonomic levels starting from kingdom till species arranging it one above the other in a descending order
  • It includes 7 obligate categories and intermediate categories.
  • Kingdom → phylum (animals) (or) Division (plants) → class → order → Family → Genus → Species.
  • Specificity increases from kingdom to species where the from species was coined by John Ray.
  • Each category is commonly termed as a taxon.
  • Taxonomy (de Candolle) is defined as the science that deals with the identification, nomenclature and classification of organisms.
  • Father of taxonomy/Father of Systematic botany – Carolous Linnaeus
  • Father of Indian taxonomy – H. Santapau.
  • Three types of taxonomy are
    α – morphology
    β – genetics, anatomy, Physiology.
    ω – Phylogenetic relationship [Evolutionary relationship]

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