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Concept of species

  • Plato and Aristotle created philosophies which were followed in typological species concept, where there are a number of diversities on the surface of the earth that exist as a limited number of types.
  • The nominalistic concept of species believed only individuals exist not the existence of species and it is termed as a mental concept.
  • The biological concept of species was first given by K.Jordan which was later proposed by Mayr.
  • According to the biological concept, “a species is a group of interbreeding natural population that is reproductively isolated from other groups”.
  • Taxonomists and Evolutionists considered the biological concept as a widely accepted concept.
  • Simpson proposed the Evolutionary Concept of species and states that an evolutionary species is a lineage evolving separately from others and with its own unitary evolutionary role and tendencies.
  • The evolutionary concept is applicable only to the isolated population and not to a single species.

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