Excretory Products and their Elimination

Regulation of kidney function - renin - angiotensin, atrial natriuretic factor, ADH and diabetes insipidus

  • The key regulation process is Osmoregulation which is brought about by controlling the amount of water, sodium and proteins by ADH, Aldosterone and renin; angiostensin respectively.
  • As the blood pressure decreases, the cells of juxta glomerular apparatus release the enzyme renin that converts angiotensinogen into angiotensin I, where it is further converted into angiotensin II by Angiotensin converting Enzyme (ACE).
  • Angiotensin II raises the blood pressure by constricting blood vessels and increases the synthesis of aldosterone.
  • ANP (Atrial natriuratic peptide) produced by the atria of heart decrease blood pressure and blood volume. It also increase Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) by dillating afferent arterioles. Therefore ANP works in opposite to RAAS.

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