Excretory Products and their Elimination

Disorders - uraemia, renal failure, renal calculi, nephritis; dialysis and artificial kidney, kidney transplant

  • Uraemia is the condition of urea accumulation in blood due to kidney malfunction, which leads to kidney failure.
  • Kidney stones (or) renal calculi are solid masses of crystals that originate in kidneys.
  • Nephritis is the inflammation of kidneys that may involve glomeruli, tubules (or) interstitial tissues.
  • Haemodialysis is the separation of certain substances from blood by use of a selectively permeable membrane. Blood from the artery is pumped into dialyser that is filled with same quantities of electrolyte/Nutrients as normal plasma but without waste products. Now the blood is returned to patients body through radial vein.
  • A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to place a healthy kidney from a live or decreased donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly.

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