Cell : The Unit of Life

Plant cell and animal cell

  • In plant cell, cell wall is present and it is absent in animal cell.
  • In plant cell, nucleus usually lies near periphery due to Vacoule
  • Centrosome is usually absent in higher plant cells except lower motile cells.
  • Plastids are present in plant cell. Chloroplast contain chlorophy which is responsible for green colour in plants.
  • Mitocondria present in plant cell are generally spherical or oral in shape.
  • Single large central vacuole is present in plant cell.
  • Plant Cell's cytoplasm during cell division usually divides by cell plate method.
  • Plant cells are capable of forming all the aminoacids, coenzymes and vitamins.
  • Lysosomes present in plants are less in number.
  • In animal cell, nucleus is present near the centre.
  • Usually centrosome in animal cell is present that helps in formation of spindle fibres.
  • Plastids are absent in animal cell. Mitocondria present in this have tubular shape.
  • Vacuoles are present in many numbers in animal but they are smaller in size.
  • Animal cell's cytoplasm divides by furrowing (or) Cleavage method
  • Animal cells can't form all the aminoacids, coenzymes & vitamins.
  • Lysosomes present in Animal cell are more in number.

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