Chemistry in Everyday Life

Analgesics, Tranquilizers, Antiseptics, Disinfectants, Antimicrobials

1. TRANQUILIZERS:- The class of chemical compounds used for the treatment of stress, mild or even severe mental diseases.
Eg - idardil, iproniagid, luminal, seconal, equanil .

2. ANALGESICS:- They reduce pain without causing impairment of consciousness, mental confusion or some other disturbance of the nervous system.
Eg - aspirin, saridon , phenacetin.

3. ANTIMICROBIALS:- They tend to prevent/destroy or inhibit the pathogenic action of microbes as bacteria, virus, fungi etc. They are classified as
(i)ANTIBIOTICS:- Those are the chemicals substances which are produced by micro-organisms.
Eg- Penicillin, ofloxacin.
NARROW SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTICS:- These are effective mainly against gram positive or gram negative bacteria.
Eg- Penicillin, streptomycin.
BROAD SPECTRUM ANTI-BIOTICS:- They kill or inhibit a wide range of micro-organisms.
Eg- chloramphenicol, tetracycline.
(ii) ANTISEPTICS OR DISINFECTANT:- These are which either kill/inhibit the growth of micro-organisms
Antiseptics are applied to the living tissues such as wounds, cuts, ulcers etc. eg - furacine, chloroxylenol & terpinol (dettol). Disinfectants are applied to inanimate objects such as floors, drainage, system.
Eg- 0.2% solution of phenol is an antiseptic while 1% solution is a disinfectant.

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