Gravitational Field, Gravitational Potential and Gravitational Potential Energy

  • It is the gravitational force Experienced by a unit mass kept at a point in a gravitational field.
  • The Gravitational field strength at a point is equal to the acceleration due to gravity at their point.
  • The location of null point in a two body system is nearer to the smaller mass.
  • Gravitational potential is the amount of work done in bringing a unit mass from infinity to a point in the gravitational field.
  • Gravitational potential is always Negative and its zero at infinity.

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1. Intensity of gravitational field, \tt E_{g}\ or\ I=\frac{F}{m}

2. Intensity of gravitational field at a distance r from a body of mass M is given by \tt E_{g}\ or\ I=\frac{GM}{r^{2}}

3. Gravitational potential V=-\frac{GM}{r}

4. A planet will have atmosphere if the velocity of molecule in its atmosphere \left[v_{rms}=\sqrt{\frac{3RT}{M}}\right] is lesser than escape velocity.

5. Gravitational potential energy U=-\frac{GM\ m}{r}

6. Gravitational potential energy at height h from surface of earth U_{h}=-\frac{GM\ m}{R+h}=\frac{mgR}{1+\frac{h}{R}}