General Introduction, Electronic Configuration and Anamalous Properties (p-block- JEE)

Boron →[He]2s22p1
Aluminum → [Ne]3s23p1
Gallium → [Ar]3d104s24p1
Indium → [Kr]4d105s25p1
Thallium → [Xe]4f145d106s26p1
General formula is ns2np1

Physical (General) properties:
1. Atomic size
B < Al < Ga < In < Tl

2. Electronegativity :-
B > Al < Ga < In < Tl

3. Melting point:-
B > Al > Tl > In > Ga
Boiling point :-
B > Al > Ga > In > Tl

Oxidation states: ns2 np1
Common oxidation state = +3
                                        +1 also shows

Boron does not forms B+3 ion due to B(IP) > B(HE)


Lewis Acids:

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